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East Brisbane – Smart State Plumbing Service Provides Water Saving Products for East Brisbane

At Smart State Plumbing Services, we don’t think of green technology just in terms of the new trends in environmental consciousness. For Smart State Plumbing Services, green technology is any equipment that makes better use of Brisbane’s resources. Queensland’s most precious resource for a long time now has been its water.

If you’ve watched the news over the past few years, you’ll know that Brisbane’s major dams are at critically low levels, and that’s why Smart State Plumbing Supplies endorsed and supports the implementation and use of water preserving rainwater tanks now more than ever. East Brisbane has really gotten on board with water preservation.

Rainwater Tanks have been allowing people throughout suburbs like East Brisbane to catch, conserve and store precious water resources for many years now, and Smart State Plumbing Services have helped them realize their eco-friendly vision. The tanks are a modern and sturdy built improvement on the water tanks you associate with the old Australian outback.

Just as residents of East Brisbane can contribute to water conservation by installing rainwater tanks, they can also contribute on energy conservation by installing a system from the range of environmentally friendly hot water systems offered by Smart State Plumbing Services. Many residents of East Brisbane are already benefitting from solar hot water panels that have been installed on top of their roofs.

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